Institute of Information Security

we bring light into the darkness of information chaos

The Institute of Information Security is a non-governmental organisation established in 2015 to develop and implement effective strategies in the field of information security of the state, society and citizens. Today, the Institute works in several areas:
  • development of strategic documents for the needs of public authorities and society
  • protection of freedom of speech as a tool of information security
  • Implementation of successful narratives and information projects
  • protection of personal data, organisation of the information space
  • analytical and practical work in the field of information sovereignty protection
  • support for civil society projects
  • support for projects to promote Ukraine in the world
The mission of the Institute is to bring light in the darkness of information chaos.

The Institute's experts are dedicated professionals with experience in the public sector and in responsible positions of state power. The Institute is an apolitical organisation and focuses its potential on creating relevant competencies in the state for the common good.

The Institute's report for 2022 and 2023 is available by the link.

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Artem Bidenko

Head of the Board

Political scientist, journalist, blogger, expert in political communications and political marketing, has extensive experience in public administration on chief positions. Co-author of the governmental Concept of popularization and promotion of Ukraine's interests in the world, within which he launched the national brand UkraineNow

Andriy Rudenko

team leader in research

Expert in sociological research, marketing communications and public presentations. He headed the Industrial Committee for Outdoor Advertising, popularized neuromarketing research in Ukraine, including the implementation of the very first projects

Olga Tymchenko

team leader in social communications

Expert in strategic communications and public service advertising. Communications mentor for public organizations. Helps NGOs for more than 8 years to conduct effective communication campaigns aimed at social change, human rights protection and the fight against corruption

Olexiy Kharchenko

team leader for government communications

He has led the communication teams of international technical assistance projects of the Government of Ukraine funded by the European Union, USAID, the EBRD, the United Nations Development Program, the governments of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Poland. PhD in Political Science

Lidiya Smola

team leader in information and psychological influences

PhD, Historician, Political scientist, professor of KPI University, author of two books on theory of influence and propaganda

Sergiy Balan

team leader for analytical division

Political consultant, lawyer, analyst, he has experience in government agencies, has worked with international NGOs, led a number of research, advocacy and anti-corruption projects, a participant in the scientific exchange program. Fulbright, Ph.D.

Mykola Movchan

team leader of international direction

International expert, journalist, lawyer, orientalist, specialist in mass communications, public, youth and sports diplomacy. He has considerable experience in public administration, and a PhD in Political Science

 Навчитися самостійно шукати приховані зв'язки 

OSINT Academy
Dmitry Zolotukhin's project at MIP

 Єдиний національний бренд України - вперше в її історії 

Artem Bidenko's project at MIP

 Нові якісні та кількісні дослідження - нейромаркетинг 

project by Andriy Rudenko

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Strengthening the anti-corruption capacity of local authorities in Ukraine
Serhiy Balan's project at the SPA

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